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Virtual Learning Program


A Virtual Learning allows for online learning options for students to continue working on a high school diploma or grade progression without physically attending at the school building. If a student and family chooses, the online coursework can be monitored in the school building. The Virtual Learning can remove the days, hours, and physical attendance requirements. Students taking three or more classes online need to have a Virtual Learning. L’Anse Area Schools, with the approval of the Michigan Department of Education, operates a local district Virtual Learning program. This gives us the opportunity to provide a unique and individualized online learning program for our students.

Extra Benefits

  • Participation in L’Anse Area Schools extracurricular & Athletic activities.

  • School provided computer for use during participation in the program.

Why a Virtual Learning?

  • Homeschool students who want high-quality online courses provided by L'Anse Area Schools.

  • Medical situations including social and emotional issues.

  • Working students who need relevant experience for college and the work place.

  • Other individualized needs approved by building principal.

  • Student who need flexibility for example, military families, athletes, and performers.


  • Student must be enrolled in L’Anse Area Schools.

  • Participation requires weekly two-way communication between the student and the on-site mentor.

  • Each Virtual Learning student will have a class schedule that details the credits to be earned over the school year. Each course shall be counted as one class on the student’s schedule.

  • Students must participate in their grade level state assessment exams.

  • The district will designate an on-site mentor as the Teacher of Record. This mentor is a certified Michigan teacher employed by the district and will monitor the student’s progress and be available for assistance.

  • Students and their families must complete the district’s Virtual Learning application and Virtual Learning contract to be considered for participation in the program.

  • Student must be enrolled in L’Anse Area Schools in grades 6-12. Student must have successfully completed Odeseyware coursework in regular school setting or be recommended by the principal due to their prior academic record.





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