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Since the district was established, L’Anse Area Schools has strived to provide a high quality education to a rural Upper Peninsula community. We have a history of demanding academic programs and vocational industrial education programs geared to meet the diverse needs of our student population. L’Anse Area Schools is located in L’Anse, Michigan overlooking the Keweenaw Bay of Lake Superior. We have approximately 500 students K-12. Our district consists of an elementary building, a connected junior-senior high school building, a separate industrial education building and an athletic complex that has been made possible mainly by grants and the work of community volunteers. We are proud of providing our students an excellent teaching faculty, up to date technology, a school nurse, a school resource officer and multiple guidance counselors and school social workers. The district also has a strong partnership with the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community that supports our school in a variety of ways including financial support, Ojibwa language education, tutors and collaboration on Promise Neighborhoods grant programs.

Our History

In 1858 a three-story building was removed from the Copper Country and loaded on to a scow. This unpretentious structure, making its way to L'Anse via waterway, was soon to become the first schoolhouse.

Located on the lakeshore, just west of what is now the Baraga Telephone Company, sat the first educational institution in L'Anse. Housed with one teacher and a hand full of students, this humble building, which also served as the Courthouse and Justice Office, was to be the start of the ever-evolving L'Anse Area Schools.

By 1872, as the true spirit of education persevered, the citizens of L'Anse determined that their meek schoolhouse had become inadequate for the growing needs of the community. A one- story, two room, wooden structure was soon built on the hill that is the present site of the Sentinel office and was endearingly referred to as, "The Little Red School House."

In 1881 L'Anse District Number One had 290 children of whom 240 were registered in school. In 1882 $4000 was appropriated to erect a new and suitable school. This school would be known as the "Grey High School Building."

By the close of the spring term of 1906, the Board of Education, once again, was confronted by the seriousness of overcrowding. The wooden structure built in 1879 was inadequate to house the large number of town pupils and those who as Eighth graders had reached the limit of the education in the outlying schools of Bay Shore, Zeba and Pequaming. That same year $20,000 in bonds was voted in to build on the site of the old wooden structure which had been moved to the northern part of the lot. On Friday, January 18, 1907, the building was dedicated and the doors opened to a brand new High School.

By 1923, L'Anse was a booming town and several schools were built throughout the area (Aura, Herman, Dynamite Hill, Skanee Road) to accommodate the growing number of families moving into the area. In 1927, plans were drawn up and funds provided for what was to be considered the ultimate in school construction, and is currently the L'Anse High School.

In 1965 a new elementary facility was constructed. The school was built adjacent to the existing High School and featured two wings; one for early elementary and one for later elementary. The building was dedicated to C. J. Sullivan, an elementary principal and later, the school superintendent.

The Industrial Education building was the next construction project the L'Anse Area Schools undertook. Construction began in 1973 and was completed in time for the 1974-75 school year. The project reflected the growing need for training in the areas woods, welding, machining, small engine repair, Computer Aided Design, and other industrial training programs. The building was dedicated to Harvey Hyde, a L'Anse Area School industrial arts teacher.

In 1996 the L'Anse Area Schools, under the supervision of Superintendent Brian Jentoft, along with the REACH (Rebuilding Education and Community Hope) committee planned and organized, and was soon to begin construction of, a new and renovated facility. The REACH committee was lead by its Chairperson Carrie Lou Thomas. In 1999 Superintendent Ray Pasquali began overseeing the construction and completion of this magnificent project. The new facility opened for the 2000-2001 school year and boasted a renovated elementary and high school, a new cafeteria/auditorium, middle school, media/library center, gymnasium, commons area, band room, elementary and superintendent's offices and state of the art technology system featuring computers in every room, and six computer labs.

A commemorative plaque was presented to the REACH committee and is currently displayed in the L'Anse Area Schools. The plaque proudly states, "If You Seek A Better School, Look About You."




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The L’Anse Area School is a drug/alcohol/tobacco-free campus
for everyone including students, faculty, parents, and community members.

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