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School Forms & Skyward Family Access
This year we are taking a different approach for completion of our back to school forms. We have uploaded all required forms into your child’s Family Access account. If you do not have the necessary information to access your Family Access account, or don’t have internet access, please contact the appropriate office for assistance. We request that you complete all forms prior to the first day of school, Tuesday, September 6th.
Students in Grades 7-12 will not be issued a Chromebook until all paperwork has been completed.
Just as a reminder, to get into Family Access, you must first go to our website. On the top of the website you will see a tab called “Family Access”. When you log in, on the left hand side you will see the tab called “YEARLY FORMS”. This is where you start. If you have multiple children, it will ask you which child you would like to complete first.
After completing all of the necessary steps, there will be an option on the bottom to “complete and go to next step”. This is the easiest way to navigate through all of the necessary documents.

Jr./Sr. High (6-12) Secretary- Ms. Gina Magaraggia, Phone: 906-524-6000 ext. 2

Elementary (K-5) Secretary- Mrs. Kelli Johnson, Phone: 906-524-6000 ext. 3

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NOVEMBER 30, 2023
Employee of the Month ~ November 2023

NOVEMBER 21, 2023
LAS Seeking 2 Public Library Board Members

OCTOBER 25, 2023
Employee of the Month ~ October 2023

OCTOBER 19, 2023
Seeking Public Library Board Member

OCTOBER 6, 2023
Employee of the Month ~ September 2023

SEPTEMBER 25, 2023
Skills Camp Fundraiser

AUGUST 25, 2023
Employee of the Month ~ August 2023

JULY 28, 2023
Employee of the Month ~ July 2023

JULY 27, 2023
2023-24 School Year Calendar

JUNE 19, 2023
Employee of the Month ~ May 2023

MAY 19, 2023
2023 - 2024 District Calendar

MAY 15, 2023
Employee of the Month ~ April 2023

APRIL 28, 2023
Teacher Appreciation Week

APRIL 25, 2023
Employee of the Month ~ March 2023

MARCH 23, 2023
BID NOTICE ~ JSH Replacement Lockers

MARCH 20, 2023
Employee of the Month ~ February 2023

MARCH 10, 2023
Community Blood Drive

FEBRUARY 24, 2023
Used Sunfire Ovens for Bid

FEBRUARY 21, 2023
L.A.S. Forest Plan

FEBRUARY 17, 2023
Employee of the Month ~ January 2023

FEBRUARY 7, 2023
BOE Finance Committee Meeting

JANUARY 9, 2023
Employee of the Month ~ December

DECEMBER 22, 2022
Distinguished Alumnus Award - Nominations being accepted!

DECEMBER 7, 2022
BOE Finance Committee Meeting

DECEMBER 5, 2022
Employee of the Month ~ November





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