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Class of 2020
High school seniors and their families: We understand that you may be concerned about graduating on time, in light of the recent school closure. Please know that we hear your concern and consider this a top priority. Students should check their school email for information from senior math and English teachers (as well as some CTE and AP teachers) regarding continued expectations during this time. Information from teachers of other classes will be emailed regarding if the school closure is officially extended beyond April 14th. We expect more guidance to be coming through an executive order to be released by the end of this week. We will have a letter to parents developed to outline expectations by the end of the following week (April 10th). Thank you for your patience as we work on developing clear communication on our ongoing learning plan and student expectations. After the executive order is finalized and we can determine what is mandated and what is a local district or individual teacher decision, we will have more answers to your questions.




JULY 22, 2020
Employee of the Month ~ July

JULY 20, 2020
2020-2021 Board of Education Meeting Schedule

JUNE 15, 2020
Summer Office Hours

JUNE 15, 2020
Library Summer Hours

JUNE 12, 2020
Employee of the Month ~ June

JUNE 10, 2020
Summer Library Hours

MAY 21, 2020
2020-2021 Calendar

MAY 12, 2020
Board of Education Meeting to be held

MAY 11, 2020
Employee of the Month ~ May

APRIL 24, 2020
BID REQUEST - Assembly of Hansen Pole Building Package

APRIL 20, 2020
Employee of the Month ~ April

APRIL 15, 2020
Board of Education Meeting to be held

APRIL 3, 2020
CCISD is Supporting Kids through Radio Project

APRIL 1, 2020
Class of 2020

MARCH 9, 2020
Employee of the Month ~ March

FEBRUARY 4, 2020
Employee of the Month ~ February

JANUARY 16, 2020
Distinguished Alumnus Award - Nominations being accepted!

JANUARY 7, 2020
Employee of the Month ~ January

DECEMBER 2, 2019
Employee of the Month ~ December

NOVEMBER 4, 2019
Employee of the Month ~ November

OCTOBER 2, 2019
Employee of the Month ~ October

Employee of the Month ~ September

AUGUST 20, 2019
Athletic Passes Now Available!

JULY 29, 2019
Sports Practices ~ Sports Physicals to Coaches




For more athletics information, view Schedule Star.

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